Software Development Projects that can make you Money

Software development projects that can make you money

Software markets are flourishing, the demand is increasing, and every single day many applications are released to users, some are gaining success, while others have failures. If you are a software developer or maybe you are learning to be one, you ought to keep an eye on market`s demands and trends, because that will provide you with a suitable job in a good software company, and if you are an entrepreneur who wants to succeed in Software markets, you have to follow these trends if you want to provide an application that sells.

On this article we are going to list some fields / projects, which have the highest demands by users, and they are the most affordable way to make money from Software development…

  • Mobile applications:

Smart Phone are everywhere, people like to have them as a tool that can make many tasks in one device, and Mobile applications do that.

A sport tracker, a budget application, an advanced organizer, or an app that provides a service, and many more, Mobile applications are the most used software type nowadays, this drives every big company to have its own version of mobile application, to keep the engagement and the ongoing relation with its customer.

  • Games:

Entertainment will always be in our lives, video games are an advanced form of entertainment.

The gaming industry is competing with Cinema, and already had a huge amount of profits down the road. Nowadays, almost every single mobile have a sort of game within, PC and Consoles have a huge market share, and online gaming are flourishing more than ever.

Gaming industry recorded more than 90 billion Dollars as a revenue in 2015-2016.

With the new aspects offered by certain technologies such as Virtual Reality experience; experts are expecting a huge growth in revenue on the next years.

  • Communication programs:

People like to communicate online, and they always seek for new communication tools to try, an app that gather friends for a go-out, a new feature app which have user experience enhancements, or a secured communication app.

Chat and interactions apps are great and they have a huge amount of users` usage among any other software applications.

  • Artificial Intelligence programs

If you are an Apple user, then you are already familiar with “Siri”, or you have heard of the Google assistant, AI programs are not just about that kind of programs, more developments and intervention are coming on the way.

For example; Bots now are everywhere, within an app or a social network, there are many aspects to discover on the AI world, and there is a steady growth within this field.

  • Social Media tools:

Social Media became an essential thing in our lives, it provides a direct communication between users, and maintain a relation formed by business owners with customers.

Social Media jobs and roles are increasing and every professional must have his own set of tools to work professionally, Tools that provides statistics and reports on his business` Social Media activities, to perform better business processes, Social Media platforms are evolving, and the market demands more application and services with affordable prices, and more features.