Things you should know about Software Development

Software Development

Software development plays a major role within our lives today, because it is the basic structure for many aspects in our lives, it provides us with applications which we use every day in many fields, such as; communications, work, entertainment, travelling, and many more.

It is necessary today that everybody should have a brief and general knowledge of this field, so on this article we present you some general facts you should know about Software development:

  • It is the present and the future:

Many experts advise to learn programming nowadays, as they tell many people to have at least the knowledge and the practicality of one programming language, they list it as a necessary learning skill, just like languages and soft skills.

As the world we live in today is operated by different kinds of software applications, and it is expected to have a significant growth in the future.

That is why big countries like USA, Japan, and China, made special arrangements in some schools to teach new generations of children about programming.

  • Demands are increasing:

Software development is a huge market, and it is already had a remarkable growth, many things that were operated manually are now operated by software, and the inventions are developing and growing.

Also old software are being replaced by new ones, upgrades have a fast rotation, so there are big chances on Software development field, that carries big opportunities and high hopes for the future.

  • It provides you a good income:

The average salary of a software developer is 100 thousand Dollars per year, and that takes part in Europe, North America, and certain countries of Asia.

This is considered as a good salary for a career, and many companies are paying higher wages for rare programming skills, as some programmers with leading positions have more than 300 thousand Dollars as a salary per year.

  • Desired skills and knowledge:

Every field requires certain skills and knowledge to walk on its road, while being a programmer requires a lot of efforts, but on the same time you need to have more than the ordinary skills for having such a job:

  • Analysis: you need to have high level of analysis as this is required for nearly every step in programming process, although it is not any kind of analysis, there are object oriented analysis and requirements` analysis.
  • Design patterns: they are the most natural steps and architectures for a programming job, this is needed the most especially when you are beginner.
  • Operating system knowledge: when you want to program a software, you must be aware of its running environment, and you must have a proper knowledge about it, whether it is windows, android, Apple iOS, or Linux.
  • Hardware: will your application runs on an ordinary PC or a mobile phone?

A level of knowledge is required for a programmer to know the hardware requirements to operate his application, as there will be an interaction relation between both software and hardware.

  • Open Source context: many software are originated from Open Source projects, Open Source is a huge learning asset for every programmer, whether he is a beginner or a professional one.
  • Highest programming languages in demand:

There is no such a thing called the best programming language, because every language is required for a certain function and usage, but we can list some high demand languages that are required by the software market:

  • Java
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • C# (Sharp) / C++
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Free resources / initiations to learn about programming:

If you want to take the high road to learn more about Software development and programming, or perhaps you want to engage your young children into this world. We have listed for you some websites to consider when doing this step: